Is it Time for a Garage Door Service or Repair Call?

Garage door repair needs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Accidents and severe weather can cause sudden damage to the door panels themselves. The passage of time and normal use can wear down tracks, cables and rollers. Springs and automatic openers wear out and eventually fail. Sometimes you have a little warning but often you simply do not. It’s a scary thing when your overhead door fails, leaving your family, your vehicles and your possessions exposed to the elements, both natural and criminal.

When you notice a problem – even one you believe to be minor – err on the side of caution. A quick and inexpensive repair today can turn into a major issue in the future if not addressed. Cosmetic repairs can be scheduled at your convenience but even small panel dents can lead to rust and eventual impact functionality. Small dings may affect rollers or springs, put the door out of balance or cause extra stress for automatic openers. The bottom line? If you have to ask yourself if it’s time for a service call, it probably is.


Fixing Broken Garage Door Springs Can Be A Risky And Sometimes Dangerous Job. Leave It To The Garage Door Repair Professionals TO Fix Your Broken Garage Door Springs Right The First Time. We Have The Right Tools And Years Of Experience To Get The Job Done.

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